Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Access to Services

By accessing the Advance Land and Timber website, you agree to abide by the terms of use contained herein. We may use services of advertisers in our content, and we may change the nature of the services offered with or without prior notice to users. We reserve the right to refuse service to any user for any reason, and we may also modify this agreement and the Terms of Service at any time for any reason.

Technology Implementation

Accessing the Advance Land and Timber website requires certain technical capabilities, and by doing so, you agree to enable these capabilities to facilitate proper display of the website’s content, including content that may be presented by advertisers. This includes functions enabled by modalities such as JavaScript, HTML, and any other programming featured on our website.

Content Infringement

All content contained on the Advance Land and Timber website is proprietary in nature, and by accessing it, you agree to abide by the legal protections it is subject to. This includes copyrights held by Advance Land and Timber as well as those held by advertisers which may appear on the website. You shall not infringe on any patents of trademarks, and by accessing the website, you agree to status of its content as protected intellectual property.

Registration Policy

By creating an account with Advance Land and Timber and engaging in registration, you agree to provide a valid email address and password by which you will access your account. In doing so, you agree to furnish accurate and complete information as it relates to your identity and your account, and you must only create an account on your own behalf. You will not allow any other personal unauthorized access to your account or to the Advance Land and Timber website.

Permitted Use of Services

Advance Land and Timber exists to facilitate the purchase and sale of land through an online commerce interface. This relies on general information garnered from businesses and real estate records, which visitors are not permitted to use for legal, investment, tac, accounting, or professional advising. Accessing Advance Land and Timber does not constitute a legal relationship or a professional affiliation of any kind.

Prohibited Uses

Users of Advance Land and Timber are not permitted to use its platform to gain unauthorized access to any account or publish information that is known to be false, damaging, inflammatory, or deceptive in nature. Republishing or reproducing any part of the Advance Land and Timber website is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property that is contained in its content.


Accessing the Advance Land and Timber website does not constitute a fiduciary relationship or an entitlement to any services provided by Advance Land and Timber. You may gain access to the information made available on the website and take actions allowed by the website, but in doing so, you release Advance Land and Timber from any potential liability you may incur as a user of its platform.

Privacy Policy

Advance Land and Timber is careful with all information provided by its visitors and accountholders. Measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive and personal data which you may share with Advance Land and Timber. The limitations of internet communication preclude any guarantee of absolute security, and as such, Advance Land and Timber is not liable for any breach which may occur from third party entities or other website users.