460 Acres - Burke County, Georgia

Tract B94C-1 HM Ford Tract - East of Hwy 80 - SOLD

General Description

This parcel has what any timber investor is looking for! Excellent site index, mature stands of Loblolly running over two loads per acre.  Pre-merch stands are well stocked and will provide for future income, consisting of 159 acres of 2020 and 54 acres of 2017 stands.  Balance of property is first or second thinned loblolly.  Tract fronts approximately 3,500 fee on Hwy 80.  Excellent internal road system.  You will have a hard time finding one another one like this!


From Waynesboro, travel Hwy 56 north for approximately 9 miles and turn right onto Hwy 80.  Tract starts approximately 5.3 miles on the right side of Hwy 80.    

Look for Advance Land and Timber signs.

Disclaimer: Property inspections shall be done during daylight hours. Seller and Advance Land and Timber, LLC in no way make any representations or warranties regarding the conditions of the property, including any and all access routes, and all persons entering upon the property do so at their own risk and accept said property “as-is” in its existing condition during such inspections. All persons entering upon the property assume all risks and liabilities and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Seller, its affiliates, officers, directors, managers, agents, representatives and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, injuries (including death) and damages resulting from any accident, incident, or occurrence arising out of, incidental to or in any way resulting from his or her inspection of the property or his or her exposure to the conditions of the property.

460 Acres - Burke County, Georgia