Sussex County Virginia Land for Sale

Sussex County Virginia Land for Sale

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  • New Listing Tract A984 1078 +/-Acres

    The Family Tree Three Creeks Tract is located just north east of Emporia, VA, it is an excellent opportunity to own a 1,063 acre property with great timber production and hunting opportunities. The Three Creeks tract lays flat with the Three Creek creek making up the southern boundary. Three Creeks creek is a black water creek populated by mature hardwoods, pines and cypress. The timber consists of 55.8 acres 1988 Loblolly pine, 281.7 acres of 1991 Loblolly pine, 180.2 acres of 1997 Loblolly pine, 48 acres of 2002 Loblolly pine, 286.75 acres of 1907 hardwoods, 129.75 of 1910 hardwoods, 36.06 of 1967 hardwoods and 20.26 acres of 1994 hardwoods. A total of 1,037.84 acres in timber. The soils on this tract are primarily Slagle fine sandy loam and Tomotely sandy loam, both prime soils with site indexes of 86-99. The hunting opportunities include deer, turkey, ducks and quail. This property has a Department of Forestry conservation easement with 50 acres in a permanent protected easement (see map, orange  parcel).


    $1,655,000 ($1,535/acre)

  • New Listing Tract A981 707 +/- Acres

    707 acres located near Yale, Virginia

    This tract lays flat and has  a mile of frontage on Gray Rd. 

    There are 180 acres of prime cropland consisting of Emporia slagle and Eulonia fine sandy Loam.

    The Timber consists of 355 acres of 1996 planted Loblolly Pine, 5 acres 1960 Loblolly Pine,  96.6 acres of 2011 Loblolly Pine,

    18.6 acres of 2015 Loblolly pine and 43 acres of 1960 Hardwoods, a total of 518 acres of timber.

    The tract has frontage on Raccoon Creek offering great habitat for deer, turkey, and ducks.

    $1,699,000 ($2,403/acre)

  • New Listing Tract A980 378 +/- Acres

    378 acres located in Yale, VA

    The Zimmerman Dunn Tract lays flat with road frontage on Court House Rd.

    This parcel has 222 acres of Cropland consisting of prime soils (Slagle fine sandy Loam).

    The timber on this tract is 54 acres 1984 planted Loblolly Pine, 20 acres 1991 planted Loblolly Pine, 40.3 acres 2013 Loblolly Pine and 26 acres 1960 Hardwoods a total of 140.3 acres of timberland.

    This is an excellent investment tract with prime soils for growing crops and timber.

    $1,149,000 ($3,040/acre)

  • New Listing Tract A961 Comp 5 472.64

    The Azalea Tract Comp 5, 472.64  acres is located north of Sussex County Court House with approximately 2,600' of frontage on Courthouse Road. This tract lays flat, with very productive soils primarily Slagle fine sand loam and Altavista sandy loam. The timber is 401 acres of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2016 planted Loblolly pine with 64 acres of 1964 natural pine-hardwood mix bottom land. The tract has  good interior roads to access the majority of the tract. This is an excellent timber investment with very productive soils and with over 86% of the land convertible.


    $898,016 ($1,900/acre)

  • New Listing Tract A921 725 +/- acres

    This 725 ac Farm is located East of Jarratt, VA, has 2.49 miles of road frontage, and is 1.3 miles from the closest I-95 exit.  The Farm has 415 acres of cropland consisting of prime soils, slagle fine sandy loam and craven loam.  There are four ponds (36 acres) for irrigation and 194 acres of 2015 planted loblolly pine. The remaining acreage is made up of hardwood buffers and interior roads.  This farm is an excellent opportunity to own a property with 415 acres of contiguous cropland with very productive soils.

    $2,590,000 ($3,572/acre)

  • SOLD Tract A962 Comp 7 101.76 Acres

    Azalea Comp 7 is a 101 acre tract located  South East of Sussex County Court House on Hunting Quarter Rd. This tract lays flat with majority of the property in uplands. The property is just north of Hunting Quarter swamp. The timber on this tract is 50 acres of 2011 planted loblolly pine, 28 acres of 1997 planted sweet gum hardwoods with the remaining 23 acres in cypress and hardwoods. The hunting opportunities are deer, turkey and ducks. This tract is a great opportunity as an timber investment and hunting tract. 


  • SOLD Tract A960 Comp 3 1570.63

    The Azalea Comp 3 Tract is 1,570 acres  located 5 miles East of Stony Creek, VA with over a mile of frontage on Cabin Stick Road.  This property lays flat with 2.3 miles of frontage on the Nottoway River and with  1,006 acres of uplands and 549 acres of flats and bottom land.  The timber consists of 985 acres of planted Loblolly pine and 549 acres of natural mix of mature pine and hardwoods stands. This tract has excellent soils for growing timber and a good interior road system to manage the timber and access the majority of the tract. The different ages of the timber stands from 1997-2004 offers a good cash flow for the long term investor. The recreational opportunities are hunting, fishing, canoeing, 4 wheeling, hiking and just about anything else one can do outdoors. The Nottoway River is a State Scenic River, a black water river with sandy bottom and mature cypress and hardwoods on its banks.The Nottoway River flows into the Chowan River (NC) and all the way to the Albemarle Sound. This 1,570 acre tract has a lot to offer the timberland investor and the recreational land buyer that wants something special.

  • SOLD Tract A919 85.7 +/- acres

    85.7 acres managed timberland located near Jarrat, VA. This tract has 4,100' of State road frontage, the tract lays level and the soils are prime Farm land  Slagle fine sandy loam and Myatt loam.

    The timber is 1988 planted Loblolly pine and the site index is 88.  This is an excellent investment tract with recreational opportunities. 

  • SOLD Tract Pulley 144.04 +/- acres

    The Pulley Tract (144 acres) is located approximately 1 mile south of the Town of Waverly and Hwy 460.  This tract has approximately 1 mile of State road frontage providing great access to the tract and subdivision opportunities.  The timber is approximately 100 acres of 1996 and 1997 planted Loblolly pine and 44 acres of 1950 hardwood bottom land.  The soils are primarily Emporia Slagle and Roanoke Loam with an average site index of 88.  The Coppahaunk Swamp flows through this tract providing excellent hunting opportunities of deer, turkey and ducks.

  • SOLD Tract Massenburg 224.78 +/- acres

    Located between Wakefield and Stony Creek in central Sussex County, VA - the Massenburg Tract is located convenient to I-95 and Petersburg.  This tract is accessed from State Rt 35 and an interior road system.   The timber is made up of 1989 natural pine and hardwoods also 2009 planted Loblolly pine, providing for current and future income potential.  The soils are primarily Slagle Sandy Loam and Emporia with a site index average of 80.  The natural hardwoods on this tract provide a great food source and therefore solid hunting opportunities. 

  • SOLD Tract BT Horne 428.55 +/- acres

    The B.T. Horne Tract is located East of Emporia just North of Hwy 58.  Access is by State road Rt 609 and Rt 697.  This is a well-managed timber tract with merchantable 1986, 1990 planted Loblolly pine and 1990 Natural mixed hardwoods and pine. The pre-merchantable timber is 2013 and 2014 planted Loblolly pine.  The soils are Ulonia and Emporia-Slagle with an average site index of 85.  There is approximately 95 acres in natural timber which offers great forage areas for deer and turkey.

  • SOLD Tract 209-E UCC 1338 263.3 +/- acres

    The UCC 1338 263 acres is located just North of Emporia and right off of I 95 at exit ramp 17.  This tract is accessed by deeded Right of Way and internal roads.  Topography is rolling with South Fork Poplar Swamp on the Northern boundary.  The timber is primarily 1989 planted Loblolly pine and 2004 planted Loblolly pine.  The soils are Uchee, Eulonia and Chastain Loam with an average site index of 85.  Hunting opportunities are deer, turkey and ducks.