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Licensed Brokers - Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi

  • Mark McMillan,

    President and CEO of Advance Land and Timber, LLC.  He has experience in the timberland industry since 1987. An outdoor boy from day one, Mark was born and raised on a family farm in Bamber....

    Mobile : 803-957-9503
    Email : markm@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Richard Robertson,

    serves as the Broker in Charge of Advance Land and Timber.  He is a native of Savannah, Georgia but moved to South Carolina when he was 14. He has worked in the construction and real estate....

    Mobile : 803-957-9503
    Email : rrobertson@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Mark Kiser,

    is licensed in South Carolina. Mark has 29 years of experience in the timberland and real estate business. He has been a registered forester and member of the South Carolina Forestry Association....

    Mobile : 803-924-4465
    Email : mkiser84@yahoo.com
  • Carwin Owens,

    is licensed in Virginia and North Carolina. He graduated from Liberty University with a BS degree in Economics. Carwin began his career in the lumber industry working for saw mills, distribution....

    Mobile : 434-841-0784
    Email : carwin@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Wayne Jensen,

    is a licenced broker in South Carolina. He has over 36 years of experience in the real estate business.  Over the years he has taken advanced and specialized education with courses fro....

    Mobile : 803-767-3386
    Email : wayne@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Lee Murph,

    is a SC native and a registered forester with over 30 years experience in the forest products industry. He is a 1973 graduate of the University of Georgia with a BS in Forest Resource Management....

    Mobile : 803-924-1553
    Email : lee@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Cole McMillan,

    is liscensed in South Carolina.  Cole is currently attending the University of South Carolina and is majoring in business/marketing. The past two years Cole has worked at Advance in wildlif....

    Mobile : 803-960-4630
    Email : cole@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Mike Keim,

    is licensed in South Carolina, He joined Advance Land and Timber in May 2003. He is a Registered Forester in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina, and Consulting Forester and owner of....

    Mobile : 803-924-0617
    Email : mkeim@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Fred Wadsworth,

    is licensed in South Carolina. He is married, has three children, and enjoys the outdoors.

    Mobile : 803-422-3748
    Email : fred@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Davy Hite,

    is a professional bass angler with twenty years of experience as a touring pro.  He has established himself as one of the most successful anglers of all times.  Davy has four major tit....

    Mobile : 803-315-4448
    Email : dhite@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Zac Zschiesche,

    was born and raised in Laurens County, Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA degree in General Business. Before joining Advance Land and Timber, Zac worked for Ryan Kle....

    Email : zac@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Greg Fleming,

    is licensed in Alabama, and has over 30 years of experience in working in agriculture, forestry and education.  He was raised on a cattle/timber farm in the east central region of Mississip....

    Mobile : 601-678-7640
    Email : greg@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Mark Vedder,

    Mobile : 803-335-8351
    Email : vedder@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Braden Shockley,

    Braden Shockley, is licensed in South Carolina. He grew up in Columbia and is an avid hunter and fisherman. Braden is currently a senior at Clemson University with a major in Finance a....

    Mobile : 803-394-7672
    Email : braden@advancelandandtimber.com
  • Tyler Blount,

    Mobile : 276-620-6511
    Email : dtblount@gmail.com